using a storage unit to organize a hoarded household

using a storage unit to organize a hoarded household

Townhome Living: 3 Benefits Of Moving Away From A Standalone House And Into A Townhome

by David Diaz

Living in a townhome has become a popular alternative to more traditional options, such as single-family houses or apartment buildings. Simply put, townhomes share at least one wall with another property, but they also have multiple floors and their own dedicated entrances. A townhome is ideal for someone looking for a low-maintenance space that costs much less than a detached house. If you are on the fence about making the switch from a standalone house and moving into a townhome, these three benefits may help you come to an informed decision. 

1) There is minimal maintenance needed from you once you move into a townhome. 

From changing air filters to fixing plumbing leaks, every house requires a bit of upkeep at some point. Townhomes, however, need little to no maintenance from you. Instead, the HOA for your townhome's community will manage any repairs on the property, allowing you to focus on more important things. In addition, you won't have to look after the exterior either, as landscaping is no longer your responsibility once you move to a townhome. Your HOA will handle all of the weeding, mowing, and watering. Even the smallest problem inside or outside of your townhome will be addressed promptly by the homeowners' association. Moving to a townhome is an excellent choice if you are in the market for a living space that you don't have to take care of on your own. 

2) You will end up spending less money to move into a townhome.

While you will likely need to pay some HOA fees, the overall expenses of living in a townhome are less than what you would spend for a detached house. The main reason for this is that the size of the property attached to a townhome is generally smaller. This means that your tax liability will be substantially cheaper in comparison to other housing situations. Furthermore, a townhome can often have just as much square footage as a standalone dwelling. Since a townhome rises up several floors, a large number of rooms can comfortably fall within the compressed space. As such, you'll get the same amount of living space in a townhome as a single-family house but for less money.

3) Many creature comforts are included for residents of the townhome community. 

Most townhomes also offer several added conveniences that are available for residents. When you move into a townhome, you gain ownership of part of the areas that are meant for common use. As a result, you are free to use any of the special luxuries that your townhome has to offer. For example, your townhome may have a community pool, fitness or recreation centers, tennis courts, and play spaces just for younger children. These amenities are preserved by the HOA, and anyone who resides in the same townhome community can utilize the extra niceties whenever they choose.

From economical costs to fabulous amenities, a townhouse can be a great choice for many homebuyers. If you are planning to move into a townhome soon, be sure to reach out to a townhome moving service to make sure that everything goes smoothly from the moment that the first box is packed to the day that you settle completely into your new house.

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using a storage unit to organize a hoarded household

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