using a storage unit to organize a hoarded household

using a storage unit to organize a hoarded household

Should You Get Moving Insurance For Your Upcoming Move?

by David Diaz

Are you scheduled to use movers in the future and have been asked if you want to purchase moving insurance? Here are some things you need to know about moving insurance before you make a decision.

Know The Two Types Of Moving Insurance

First of all, you want to know about the two types of moving insurance that are available to you. There is basic moving insurance and premium moving insurance. The more basic moving insurance is known as standard valuation insurance, and it is the insurance that every moving company is obligated to offer you. However, this type of insurance will barely cover your needs if something were to break. The more premium option is full coverage insurance, and as the name implies, it will give you full coverage of any items that are damaged

Know About Standard Valuation Coverage

Standard valuation moving insurance only covers items based on their weight, not the value of the item itself. Your items are also valued at pennies per pound rather than dollars. It will barely cover your needs if you were to end up with damaged items, and should not be something you depend on. If your very light laptop was damaged in the move, standard valuation insurance won't be anywhere near enough to cover the damage

Know About Full Coverage

You can use full coverage to cover your entire household or for specific items in your home. By telling your moving company what you want, they will let you know what the premium cost is for either situation. Some people prefer to have full coverage for all of their belongings so that they have peace of mind. Meanwhile, others only want to insure those very expensive items that are delicate and likely to become damaged during a move. This includes a big-screen TV, a personal computer, expensive artwork, or anything that has a significant value to it. 

Know About Your Existing Home Insurance Or Renters Coverage 

Before you sign up for moving insurance, it is worth checking with your home or renters insurance provider to see if it includes moving insurance. You may be surprised to learn that you already have this coverage as part of a policy that you are currently paying for, and don't need to necessarily pay for coverage twice.

Do you still have questions about moving insurance? Reach out to your residential moving company to find out more about it.  


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using a storage unit to organize a hoarded household

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