using a storage unit to organize a hoarded household

using a storage unit to organize a hoarded household

How to Prepare for a Move with Storage Services

by David Diaz

Moving is a stressful event no matter how far you are going. Packing and transporting all your belongings is a big task. If you have some transitional time, you may need to consider using storage unit company services. Having a secure location to store your things is key to remove the added worry about your stuff during this time. Here are a few things you can do to prepare to use storage unit services:

Clean and Organize 

Before boxing up your belongings, you should take the time to go through everything you own and get it cleaned and organized. The cost of a move is usually calculated by the weight or measurement of the space your things use. This means you do not want to be charged to move things you no longer want or need. Storage unit pods are rented by size. The smaller the unit the less you will have to pay monthly to store your stuff. Take the time to sort through things and make several trips to a local donation center. After you have weeded through the clutter, you can take the time to clean your things and get organized.

Packing boxes is a huge part of any move and unpacking is so much simpler when you are not digging through boxes looking for lost items. Sort your things by room and make sure to clearly label boxes so that you can bring the right boxes into the right rooms in your new place. If you need to access anything while your things are being kept at a storage unit facility, you will save yourself hours of unorganized digging by being able to quickly identify the right box. 

Budget the Storage Expense

If you need to store your things at a storage unit facility after you move from your previous space you will sign a contract. You need to sit down with the contract and go over any fees and monthly charges associated with the storage services. If you do not know how long you will need to store your things, make sure you choose a storage unit you can afford long term. Call around and get multiple bids on units at different locations or even units of different sizes. 

If you take the time and do things right you can take a lot of stress and chaos out of your move. Make sure to get organized and shop around for a great deal on storage unit services to make sure your moving and storage process runs smoothly.

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using a storage unit to organize a hoarded household

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